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The next big animated franchise is out there, and we know how important it is to provide content and excite fans to start building a following. That’s why we know about the importance of a strong social media presence and have established a production pipeline to allocate resources to create new and exciting content.

Potential Partnerships and campaigns: 


We use our Instagram to showcase artists and give them a platform to share their work. We invite high-profile artists to “hijack” our page. OR we hire multiple artists and play “Mixtape” where each artist is given a certain amount of time to “remix” an image and give it their style.

We're also working with creatives that have their own following. We'll engage their audience and pull them into this world. 

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TikTok is home to talented up and coming animators! We're tapping into this pool and bringing you new

ideas and looks from a new wave of creatives. 

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Release playlist that correlates with episodes. OR featured artists curate their playlist and we feature their songs in an episode. 


MixTape wants to engage the audience in every way possible! We will live stream selected voice-over sessions, artists, and animators. Fans will be able to give shout outs, asks questions, and throw out suggestions like an online improv show. 



Throughout production, we will allow anybody to submit. 

A platform for new voices.

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